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Rats & Mice

Prices Start at: £65

A Rodent infestation or single intruder can cause unlimited damaged whilst spreading numerous diseases

We look to eliminate this issue within three visits from a technician

Our technician will first identify which Rodent is present and its point of entry, thereafter take appropriate course of action using the most effective Rodenticide or Trapping

We will also provide you with proofing  advice to help prevent further issues

Wasps & Hornets 

Prices Start at: £52

Wasps and Hornets are socially disruptive, making nests within your  property or garden

Throughout the summer months the nest increases in size rapidly

If disturbed you’re at serious risk of being stung, this presents a serious problem to anyone and In severe cases allergic reactions to wasp stings can develop into an anaphylactic shock 

We use the most effective insecticides with guarantee results


Prices Start at: £90

Moles will destroy any lawn or grassland if left to their own device, so acting with urgency is imperative

Moles live below ground creating mole hills whilst tunneling

Mole Hills deface the appearance and undermining the lawn structure, they cause concerns on farmland as the soil can contain a bacteria Listeria which can be fatal to livestock

We only use humane trapping methods without chemicals or gas compounds

Unwelcomed Guests

An urgent response required


Prices Start at: £120

In most instances Fleas enter property by people or pets

They are hard to detect, however, Pets constantly itching or human bite marks is the most common indicators

We first survey a property to establish the extent of the infestation, thereafter, apply a suitable insecticide leaving your home pest free once again

Froud Pest can deal with any infestation quickly and effectively  

Clothes & Carpet Moth

Prices Start at: £120

The larvae of clothes and carpet moths devastate fabrics

They feed on keratin found in animal-based fibres such as wool, cashmere, silk, feathers and fur

Adult moths don’t usually feed, just mate lay eggs and die, it is most often undisturbed areas of carpets or clothes that come under attacked

Froud Pest can deal with any infestation quickly and effectively 


Prices Start at: £75

Ants are considered a nuisance insect that quickly establish themselves

Home invasions are most often found in the kitchen area where sticky food and sugary substances are found 

We use the most effective Insecticides and Gels in order to quickly resolve Ant issues and stop them from escalating and causing further disputation

Froud Pest can deal with any infestation quickly and effectively 

Farms & Estates

Agricultural wellbeing a necessity 


Prices Start at: £120

Rabbit infestations will cause unlimited financial consequences if not controlled

Rabbits Burrows can seriously undermine land integrity and cause sinking

Rabbits will damage Lawns, Plants, Crops, Hedging and Trees

We use multiple methods to control rabbit populations that include shooting, cage trapping, ferreting, long-netting, drop boxes, and rabbit fencing

We only use humane methods to reduce Rabbit populations without using  harmful chemicals or gas


Prices Start at: £150

Squirrel population increase rapidly when not controlled

Home invasions can be distressing and their gnawing can cause incredible damage and repair costs

Gnawing electrical cable also present a severe risk of fire

Squirrels will also cause damage to ceiling joists and facia board, they also cause damaging to trees and kill song birds when nesting

We can bring your Squirrel issue under control using the latest and most effective traps available

Deer Management

Priced on Assessment

The Deer population has grown considerably in the past few years

This impacts the environment as they strip leaves and shoots whilst debarking trees and decimate plant communities

Deer activates can seriously prevent natural regeneration of trees

Froud pest control carry a full firearms license and insurance which allows us to cull Deer in a humane, safe and professional manner

Our expertise in this sector allows us to assist you, where most similar companies cannot

Farms & Estates

Agricultural wellbeing a necessity 


Priced on Assessment

Fox Dens create significant damage

Foxes can desolate live stock, Poultry and Lambs as well as numerous species of Ground Nesting Birds and other small Mammals, returning continuously when a food source is found

Froud Pest Control is in the minority of Licensed Shotgun and Firearm  operators that can address such issues

Our use of Night Vision and Thermal Technologies allows us to resolve Fox issues with minimum disruption

Glis Glis

Prices Start at: £175

Glis Glis can cause havoc if untreated

Glis Glis hibernate in winter and your loft or garage may be the warm shelter they seek. Glis Glis cause extensive damage including chewing cables presenting an additional fire risk

Glis Glis are normally detected due to the excessive noise they make, but are often misdiagnosed as rats or squirrels

Glis Glis are a protected species with only Pest Controllers such as Froud being licensed to trap and remove them


Priced on Assessment

 Pigeons can cause unlimited damage

Pigeon guano causes structural damage as it is highly acidic, leading to erosion of stone and metals, degrading and discoloring paint and other finished surfaces often beyond repair

They also spread E-coli, Listeria, Orthosis and other pathogens with dried dropping causing reparatory issues

We conduct Pigeon Spiking, Netting, Solar Panel Proofing, whilst culling unwanted occupants


Froud Surveys

Locating issues effectively

General Survey

Prices Start at £49.95

More extensive time consuming Surveys incur additional fees

Surveys Fees are only charged if no work is undertaken on completion of the Survey

Camera Survey

Drain Surveys Start at £200

Camera Surveys are the perfect solution for inaccessible areas

Sewer Pipes is a prime example where camera surveys can reveal and pinpoint exactly where the problem lies

Night Surveys

Price Assessed on Survey Level

After Dark Surveys are sometimes required

Our latest range of Night Vision and Thermal equipment allows us to conduct any survey required

Froud Care

As a conscientious company we take every precaution on every occasion to protect the environment and ensure no inadvertent harm comes to wildlife

We pride ourselves in our impeccable track record with regards to these sensitive issues and are committed to this endeavor as whilst conducting pest control

Eliminating rodent issues or culling wildlife is sometimes necessary to retain balance, however, extreme care and consideration is required and applied at all times



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